DoTerra Earth MLM Business Opportunity Review - Pay plan

How to Make money with Doterra

In this doTERRA Home business opportunity Review and pay plan, I will summarize some great benefits of this MLM business opportunity to help you have an informed decision on whether or not doTERRA is a legitimate business you may consider becoming a part of.

Loyalty Rewards Program


doTERRA is a pretty new network marketing business that will have a big impact on our lives. doTERRA specializes in the essential oils industry using a holistic approach to brand their products. Impressively doTERRA promotes their essential oils with the MLM platform approach or "A new Philosophy of Wellness". doTERRA features a frontline of products they claim can be utilized Aromatically, Topically, and as well as Internally for medicinal purposes. Their business strategy plan is a greatoption for the individual willing to take the opportunity and run with it, and become a consultant. doTERRA will definitely create a few millionaires if marketed properly, but this will be a challenge for the newbie without proper training and guidance in this competitive market.


Let us take a look at their products and compensation plan.

doTERRAEssential Oils

Single Oils

doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils will be the finest essential oils available in the world. doTERRAproduces over 50 single oils which include Basil, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemon, Wild Orange, Peppermint and much more. All of their essential oils are formulated to both promote wellness and pamper as well.

Blended Oils

The doTERRA blended oils are a mixture of single oils that actually work together to create therapeutic aromas. Blended oils are designed to create a sense of wellbeing, improve healthy body function, eliminate odors and resolve many other issues.

doTERRA Compensation plan

The initial one-time fee to join doTERRA is $35, and there are no monthly fees involved once you become a consultant. In order to reap most benefits offered by doTERRA you will need to sign up for their loyalty rewards program. Some of those benefits include bonuses, free product of the month, cash back points and other special promotions. Consultants earn 25% commissions on all retail sales and receive bonuses for building their network quickly, and maintaining active with their team. One of the first steps to make good income is the Power of 3 Team Bonus, and team structure. This is the platform to making your first bonus which will lead to residual income. All you will needto do is recruit 3 new Independent consultants who are business minded like yourself. Then you will teach your team to recruit 3 new consultants as fast as possible. The level 3 Power of 3 Bonus will earn you over $1,500 a month. Doterra’s plan has multiple levels, and you actually earn more the lower the levels go!.

For me, doTERRA is a legitimate Network marketing business opportunity and a sound proposition to make money and is NOT a scam. However with all business opportunities you must do your due diligence, and theninvest your Money, Time, and Discipline. My suggestion would be to learn the product, how to structure your team, and all the ways to make money with doTERRA. Another thing to be good at any MLM is get comprehensive internet marketing training. It is always best to be mentored effectively by your enroller so you too can become a LEADER and create SUCCESS for yourself and others!

Wish You All The Best!

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